LMAO: Does This ‘Third Whistleblower’ Seem Kinda Familiar To YOU, Too?

Written by Wes Walker on October 7, 2019

Clearly, not all of us are taking these ‘whistleblower’ allegations as ‘seriously’ as Pelosi and Schiff are… this guy for, instance seems to think it’s all a joke.

There’s something familiar about that voice…

Do you recognize it?

Yes, indeed… it’s THIS guy!

Scott Adams!

You might even get the impression he isn’t exactly buying the whistleblower story.

He retweeted this:


Like many of the rest of us, Adams is looking at this like it’s more of a partisan hit job than some kind of a spontaneous expression of civic moral duty.


His followers had some fun with it, too.

Open mockery of the Whistleblower premise is bad news for the Democrats because if the mockery gains traction in the broader public, it shoots down their entire rationale for the impeachment argument.

How will their demands to impeach Trump be taken seriously if the foundational argument is a laughingstock?

Impeachment will be as dead as Beto’s Presidential hopes.


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