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MORE MARRIAGE DRAMA: Ilhan Omar Files For DIVORCE From Current Husband

Is this current husband considered Omar’s third husband or the first one with a little “married her brother” interlude?

Ahmed Hirsi was Rep. Ilhan Omar(D-MN)’s first husband who is also the father of her three children. It seems that the marriage is over.

It’s not really a surprise since Omar opted to live in a swanky penthouse apartment in one of the trendiest districts of Minneapolis instead of the family home.

It’s also been expected since it appears that Omar has been having an affair with a Democrat political consultant for some months.

This will be the second divorce for Omar and Hirsi, but the first one was just a “religious divorce” since their first marriage was not legally binding.

The paperwork was filed in Minnesota on Friday.

“There has been an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage relationship,” the court documents filed in Minnesota say.

Omar said neither partner is seeking an order of protection and she seeks the court to grant them “joint legal and physical custody” of their three minor children.

She also asked the court to determine child support to “serve the minor children’s best interest” and award the “marital property” as the court “may deem just and equitable.”

Here’s a quick timeline of Omar’s relationship history according to the Minnesota Star:

  • In 2002, Ilhan Omar, who was 19 at the time, married Ahmed Hirsi in a religious ceremony but it was not recognized legally. They had two children together but obtained a “religious” divorce in 2008.
  • In 2009, Omar married a “British citizen”, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi. There seems to be significant evidence that Elmi is Omar’s brother. It appears that Omar and Elmi may have committed immigration and student loan fraud as a result of the marriage.

  • Records reveal that all three lived at the same residence in North Dakota.
  • In 2011, Omar and Elmi were “religiously divorced” but not legally divorced.
  • In 2012, Omar and Hirsi “reconciled” and had their third child.
  • Elmi posted a now-deleted Instagram photo of himself with a newborn girl the day after Omar gave birth to her third child. The caption of the photo called the baby his “nieces.”
  • In 2014 and 2015 Omar filed joint tax returns with Hirsi while she was still legally married to Elmi. This was revealed when an investigation into misuse of campaign funds was being investigated in 2018.
  • In 2017, Omar obtained a legal divorce from Elmi claiming that she was not in contact with him.
  • In 2018, Hirsi and Omar were married — legally, this time.
  • In March 2019 Omar was spotted holding hands with Tim Mynett, a Democrat strategist, at a secluded restaurant in Los Angeles.
  • August 2019, Beth Mynett, (Tim’s wife,) filed for divorce stating that her husband’s affair with Omar as the reason for the breakdown of the marriage.

The relationship with Mynett is rather contentious not just for the moral implications, but also because he continues to be paid by the Omar campaign.

In August, The Post was first to report that DC-based doctor Beth Mynett had filed for divorce from her husband, Tim Mynett, alleging that he was carrying on an affair with Omar.

All the while, Omar’s campaign fund was paying Tim Mynett’s firm for work, including for travel.

Conservative watchdog groups have filed complaints with the Federal Election Commission over this money transfer.

In early September, Tim Mynett filed a response with the D.C. court denying he had an affair…

…Beth Mynett suggested that her husband’s “more recent travel and long work hours now appear to be more related to his affair with Rep. Omar than with his actual work commitments.”

Source: New York Post

It’s difficult to decipher the truth from fiction, especially in a nasty divorce proceeding, especially since Omar refuses to speak about her personal life.

But it is clear that she and Mynett have been photographed together frequently, and it was reported by the Daily Mail that Omar met with Mynett’s teenage son at a restaurant and brought him a gift while Beth Mynett was out of town. They all then went back to the Mynett family home.

Meanwhile, Hirsi has been stepping aside and didn’t meet her at the airport when she was at the peak of her popularity after the “Squad” presser calling out President Trump for… well, everything.

There are still so many questions surrounding Ilhan Omar, and they’re not getting answered. Some people are suggesting that she committed fraud to enter the country in the first place.

It’s time that we had answers about Ilhan Omar, and maybe Ahmed Hirsi can answer some of those burning questions.



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