PUSSIFICATION: HS Security Guard Stands Up To Blast Of Racist Slurs, Gets Fired

Written by Wes Walker on October 18, 2019

Cancel culture is officially run amok if people can now get fired for trying to PREVENT racism.

If this is how their ‘zero tolerance’ policy plays out in real life, it needs a serious re-think.

A Black High School Security Guard should be able to go about doing his job without having a racial slur flung at him, right?

And if someone WERE to throw such a slur his way, his role calls for him to respond in a measured, reasonable and professional way, right? Of course it would.

You might think that telling the person who threw the slur his way NOT to use degrading language would qualify as falling within that acceptable professional response.

A sane world would agree with you. But we’re not looking at a sane world that takes context into consideration. We are looking at career bureaucrats. They play by a very different set of rules.

Here’s a screencap of his FB post:

So go back to the beginning.

Marlon Anderson, 48, was working as a security guard at a High School. Someone called him an expletive n-word. (Marlon is black.) Rather than escalate, he told the person NOT to call him an N-word. He used the word itelf and not a euphemism.

On Oct. 9, Anderson, who had worked at West for three years and at East High School for eight years before that, said he responded to a call about a disruptive student who was being escorted out of the school by an assistant principal.

When the situation with the male student escalated, Anderson said, the student, who is also black, started calling Anderson the N-word along with other obscene words.

In response, Anderson said he repeatedly told the student to stop saying the word with phrases like, “do not call me that,” “do not call me that word,” and “do not call me a N-word,” although he used the actual word at the time.

Throughout the exchange with the student, Anderson said the assistant principal, Jennifer Talarczyk, did not try to get the student to stop saying the slur, which Anderson said administrators have done when he has been called the N-word by students before.
Source: Madison

Wait, what? You notice the phrase ‘stop saying the slur’, which makes it sound like there might even have been repeated use of the word, right?

The school has a ‘Zero-tolerance’ policy on staff use of obscene language. It looks like a zero-tolerance policy on common sense.

There was NO malice here. If anything, he may have given the mouthy little punk more respect than the situation actually warranted.

He’s appealing the decision.

They should give him his job back… and a public apology, on top of it.

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