WATCH: Democrats Like AOC Expect Republicans To Be In TWO Places At Once

Written by Wes Walker on October 30, 2019

Democrats, in their supposedly fair-and-impartial impeachment fiasco have added another layer of dirty tricks to their game plan.

They are running concurrent hearings where Republican leaders from the only three committees who have been allowed to participate in the impeachment scam forcing them to choose between being two conflicting responsibilities.

The can be absent from this illicit ‘impeachment’ process, and letting them abuse further abuse the witnesses that Schiff is now alleged to have tampered with Building a narrative of lies, conjecture and half-truths where Schiff is obviously more interested in establishing his own assumptions than uncovering the authentic testimony of witnesses.

On the other hand, we have the other committee responsibilities that Democrats would love to hijack for their own agenda in the absence of Republicans providing their minority pushback.

Here is an exchange where Rep Armstrong is making that very case to socialist ‘darling’ Alexandria Occasio-Cortez.

It’s hard to view this as anything other than a cynical powergrab by the same party who has an unblemished almost three-year record of their ‘Resistance’ strategy under their belt.

This is why we call the cynical tactics in this supposed ‘impeachment investigation’

We knew this was coming.

Are they really going to suggest this is anything BUT a cynical power play?

Because we told you this was coming:

Jim Jordan Tweet Reveals Shifty Schiff’s LATEST Draconian Impeachment Tactic — It’s UGLY

And so it did.

But they are interested in ‘fairness’, ‘transparency’ and the Constitution right?

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