WATCH: Vote To Censure Schiff Is Now Being Called

Written by Wes Walker on October 17, 2019

That took longer them than it should have, but at least they’re finally taking SOME kind of action.

As Mark Levin showed us in his program digging into the Constitution and the historical precedents surrounding our impeachment process, Schiff and Pelosi have gone rogue. (That, by the way, is a must-watch video that will help you fish-slap your impeachment crazed liberal aunt or neighbor)

IMPEACHMENT: Trump Tweets Levin’s EPIC Video On Constitution And Precedent

Here is Rep Andy Biggs — of Arizona — telling us about the plan.

Biggs, who slammed the hearings in the impeachment inquiry into Trump as “Soviet-style proceedings,” brought his resolution to the floor after receiving the support of 135 Republican lawmakers in the lower chamber of Congress.

“We follow rules even when they are represented by the minority party,” Biggs said on the House floor. “That’s not happening today. That’s why we have to introduce this motion to censure. No more secret proceedings. No more Soviet-style proceedings.”

The House now has two legislative days to decide when it would debate and vote on Biggs’ privileged censure resolution of Schiff. It is assumed, however, that Democrats on Thursday will offer up a motion to table the resolution.

Democrats have the majority and control the floor in the House, but Republicans could still attempt to force a vote on the matter.

Biggs was one of a number of Republican lawmakers who were barred earlier in the day from seeing the transcript of last week’s testimony by U.S. special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker.
Source: FoxNews

We’ve got two parties with very different attitudes to what it means to represent the people.

We have one that follows the rules that govern the Democratic process, and another that has an attitude to such rules that would be worthy of Frank Underwood from House of Cards.

It’s about time we find some way to push back.

How much longer until those IG reports come due, and we see all the ways in which Schiff has been (knowingly) lying to us all these years like the conniving snake that he is?

That should be fun to watch.

Some of us think that accounts for the urgency to push this forward. If they can make Barr out to be somehow politically conflicted (while shielding the REAL politically conflicted Obama holdovers like a certain Ukranian Ambassador), they may be hoping they can spin the IG report into — wait for it — a witchhunt.

As Tucker Carlson is fond of saying, with those guys, “the virtue IS the vice”.