Why Don’t Pearl-Clutchers ‘Incensed’ Over Trump-Friendly Meme Care About REAL Violence?

Written by Wes Walker on October 16, 2019

Stronger evidence that these people have walled themselves into a world of pure imagination, than this hypocrisy MIGHT exist, but I can’t think of any.

To hear the denunciations by the screeching left (including Ms beheading the President herself, Kathy Griffin), you would think this video was commissioned by the President itself, featuring actual violence against his enemies.

There was outrage, because they were shocked — SHOCKED, I TELL YOU — that there were memes being shown at a Conservative event. (Well, where ELSE would you see them? We all know the Left can’t meme!)

A movie clip with Trump’s face pasted on the guy mowing his way through room full of people identified as Trump’s rivals was being shown in one room at the same location as a Trump event. And they lost their minds.

Forget that it had nothing to do with the event itself. Forget that Trump didn’t approve of it (he actually denounced it). All that mattered was — horror of horrors — it had been PLAYED.

How DARE they!

Here is the ‘offending’ clip from Kingsman: The Secret Service

With some other observations he was making:

Meanwhile, in the real world:

If anyone should know about the role this meme played at the event, you’d think it would be the guy who emceed it, right?

Well, he has weighed in:

By comparison, just last week, in the real world we had Trump supporters getting attacked outside a rally. Here’s one of several such videos that were circulating.

If someone wearing Ilhan OMAR merch were getting choked out, it would be the only story we hear for days. But when one of HER supporters chokes out a Trump fan, and steals his cap, it’s somehow NOT newsworthy?

Maybe Jeff Zucker isn’t the only news guy telling his organization that such stories are NOT to be treated as reportable events?

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