Bro Takes ‘Drastic Step’ In Response To Climate Alarmism… Gets Mocked On Social Media

Written by Wes Walker on November 22, 2019

What was he really expecting, that someone would throw a parade in his honor?

A recently-married climate alarmist decided to do his part to ‘save the planet’. He got a vasectomy.

He wove a worst-case-scenario story about just how bad the coming future is certain to be for the coming generation.

That’s because there are simply too many humans on this planet. We’ve all been told that driving an electric car or putting solar panels on our roofs will help, but that involves buying more stuff, which has a terrible impact on the environment, no matter how green the image. Two people deciding to make fewer humans eliminates the entire cycle of consumption that would fuel that kid’s life.

All those people ultimately represent the greatest climate change–related threat. Burning forests and flooded beach houses are sad and all, but it’s the human conflict created by dwindling resources needed to sustain the population that stands to really change life on this planet. We’re already fighting wars for oil. Many think wars for water will be next, and those are going to hit closer to home.

So, we’re not having kids. I found a colleague’s brother here in Bozeman who performs vasectomies and made an appointment.

…It might not be enough to save the polar bear, and it might not prevent the next Camp Fire, but this is the absolute biggest difference we can make. We need fewer humans, and getting there voluntarily will be an awful lot less painful than doing it with war, famine, and natural disaster.
Source: OutsideOnline

We could give the counter-argument about past generations having kids in the shadow of the Cold War, or during periods of massive social, political or economic upheaval, during periods of crop failure, invasion, or even the Black Death. But humanity persisted, to borrow a phrase. We even thrived.

But sometimes, in cases of self-owning like this, it’s easier simply point and laugh. Which is exactly what social media did.