Hey Democrats: Why Do Your Members Want To Reward Despots And Punish Our Allies?

Written by Wes Walker on November 6, 2019

The Left is desperate to say that Trump is in the back pocket of this or that dictator. Meanwhile, the Democrats themselves make some interesting open *promises* to help the worst kind of people…

Have you noticed the recent shift in Democrats’ emphasis in their foreign policy?

They don’t have the same warm view of Israel they once had. And we don’t just mean Obama using US resources in an attempt to flip the outcome of an election in Israel, either. A vote to oppose the global BDS boycott was opposed by 16 Democrats, including several who would rather vote for a bill IMPOSING BDS against Israel.

Bernie Sanders is no different. He went on record recently calling for some of the money that goes to Israel to be redirected to Gaza.

In the eyes of Democrats, Israel has taken on the mantle of an evil aggressor and the so-called Palestinians are the helpless doe-eyed victims of their imperial oppression.

In the all-important victim hierarchy scale, Palestinians outrank Jews. And so, the endorsement of Terrorism, the stated objective of destroying Israel, the countless rockets fired into cities and neighborhoods don’t matter at all. It’s all outweighed by the perceived wrongdoing of ‘Occupying’ land that has been claimed by the Palestinians.

What’s weird about this arrangement?

Well, Israel is the lone regional Democracy, and it embraces what we would recognize as ‘Liberal Western values’.

Womens’ rights, LGBT rights, the rights of religious pluralism, the right for all citizens to run for office, regardless of race, sex, religion or any other similar considerations.

This year, Israel had TWO elections because there hadn’t been a clear winner the first time.

But in the Left’s beloved Palestine, do they share all those same values the Democrats claim to treasure so highly?

No. Abbas declared a state of Emergency 12 years ago, and they haven’t had an election since.

And here is an example of the games they play of turning a blind eye to the legitimate offenses of their friends so that they can keep the pressure up against their enemies.

We all know how they would react to this news if it was a Western country doing it:

As a result the Palestinian Authority banned LGBTQ organizations from operating in the West Bank. According to the Time of Israel, police are looking to arrest members of al-Qaws and have asked residents to turn them in.
Source: NewsWeek

This is called ‘special pleading’.

And we look forward with great interest to details the Imam of Peace claims he has dug up proving Ilhan Omar illicit cooperation with a foreign government that does NOT share our national interests.