Mayor Pete Thinks ‘Separated Families’ Should Get ‘Compensated’ … Do You Agree?

Written by Wes Walker on November 5, 2019

Preachy Mayor Pete thinks we owe Border-Jumpers a payday if their lawbreaking led to the separation of family members. What do you think about his idea?

When Congressional refusal to deal with any of the several issues that worked together to create a no-win situation at the border, Democrat 2020 wannabees joined the chorus in pointing the finger of blame — At Trump and Border Enforcement agents.

Ever since an Obama-era advisor tweeted that photo about ‘children in cages’ (taken during Obama’s tenure) Democrat operatives, both elected and otherwise (and the Media, in particular) took their cue to attack the Trump administration, intent on turning his signature initiative of Border Security into his Achilles heel.

They denied wall funding. AOC pressured banks NOT to loan money to private companies who would build ICE facilities to house the mass of humanity that had flooded into the system.

When asked for that show of hands for who would support health care coverage for illegal immigrants, Preachy Petey was one of those who raised his hand heavenward.

Is there no END to plans he has for your tax dollars?

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said at an Iowa town hall event Sunday that migrant families the U.S. government separated deserve “compensation.”

“Can you imagine if you’ve been taken away from your parents and didn’t know where they are?” Buttigieg said in Charles City, Iowa, according to the Washington Examiner. “The United States owes something to the kids in that situation. First of all, of course, to swiftly reunite them with their families. But we probably owe them a little more than that given what we’ve done. In fact, we definitely we owe them more than that.”

“We need to make sure that they have compensation and that we do things to try to make it right,” he continued, but did not stipulate what such compensation would entail.
Source: DailyCaller

What are his plans for any Wards of the State who have been separated from their parents either because they committed criminal offenses worthy of incarceration, or because they were deemed an unfit parent?

Should the government likewise subsidize THEM?

Homan covered exactly this point when he got tired of AOC’s defamatory fingerpointing and carping, had enough and finally set both her and the record straight. If you missed it, it was beautiful.

We’ll include the link to that exchange, in case you missed it. It’s the top one under ‘related’.


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