McDonalds Fires CEO For Relationship With Employee… Someone Tell Katie Hill

Written by Wes Walker on November 4, 2019

Last week we were assured by an elected official who resigned after improper relationships with at least TWO subordinates that SHE was the real victim here.

Katie Hill had been schtupping not one, but at least TWO subordinates, despite having served in that position for less than a year.

But Katie is a VICTIM, you see. She’s not a predator having intimate relationships with people on an unequal position of power, whose ability to give genuine consent is cloudy at best. No, no, no. We mustn’t think that.

And we were assured that women get a boot in the ass because society is misogynistic, but men get a pass.

How sure are you about that there, Katie? Have you looked at the news lately?

McDonald’s announced Sunday it had fired CEO Steve Easterbrook, citing his “poor judgment” over a consensual relationship he had with an employee.

The company’s board of directors said it had named Chris Kempczinski, most recently president of McDonald’s USA, to succeed him.

…Kempczinski was named CEO after Easterbrook was found by the company’s board of directors to have “violated company policy and demonstrated poor judgment involving a recent consensual relationship with an employee.”
Source: The Hill

Didja notice the word ‘consensual’ in there, Katie?

This wasn’t a ‘secret button under the desk to lock the office door’ situation. This was a relationship between two consenting adults within the same company.

And the freaking CEO got sh*tcanned over it.

This is EXACTLY the situation that Katie Hill told us doesn’t happen to men.

Can we be done with the special pleading now? Because if ANYONE is getting a pass on this issue, it’s not Katie Hill or the CEO of McDonald’s. It’s the freshman member of the Squad who funneled a crap-ton of campaign money to a staffer she had (according to divorce allegations) been mattress dancing with.

But Ilhan Omar — who has any NUMBER of question marks next to her legitimacy not only as an elected official but as to the way she (and her brother) obtained their immigration status — remains in both in her elected office AND on her committee.

If there is any unfairness to be questioned by Katie Hill, THAT is where she ought to direct her questions. Why was SHE made to resign, but not Ilhan?

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