Newsweek Pulls Their Tweet Mocking Trump’s Thanksgiving Plans Once They Realize Where He REALLY Was

Written by Wes Walker on November 29, 2019

And this is why we call them ‘Newsweak’.

How did you spend YOUR Thanksgiving Day? Did you spend it with friends and family? Were you watching your favorite football matchups?

Maybe you one of the millions who had to work?

Newsweek wondered that same question about the President. And since it was Trump, they assumed the worst, and mocked him for it.

And this tweet didn’t age well.

It wasn’t very long before they had to delete that tweet.

When they found out what he was REALLY up to, they had egg all over their faces. Or yams and stuffing.

No, Trump wasn’t out hitting the links. He was visiting people who couldn’t be at home with their own family for Thanksgiving.