Ronna McDaniel Shreds Shifty’s Impeachment Narrative In Just Five Tweets

Published on November 6, 2019

The format of Twitter has a way of condensing complex ideas into simple ones — if you know how to use it.

Ronna Mcdaniel knows how to use it.

In five short tweets, she jackhammers this investigation and shines a light on some of its key failings.

Are you ready? Good.

Let’s get started:

Bold claim. Can she back it up?

Increasing prestige. In a country with a known issue of corruption? Interesting.

This isn’t about Schiff building a case, this is about building a narrative that will make Trump and company look like they were ‘up to something’.

The sinister part about this is that neither Trump nor any Republicans have equal standing. They are not free to call witnesses they believe can contribute to a correct understanding of the facts on the ground. They are not free to contest and refute the hostile reports that are leaked about Trump with any testimony that would expose Schiff’s cynical propaganda for what it really is.


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