‘Snowflake Mom’ Blasts School For Casting Her 6 Yr Old Daughter In ‘Sexist’ Role In Nativity Play

Written by Wes Walker on November 20, 2019

Don’t these perpetually-offended people have any real-life problems to worry about?

Somehow, the idea of a nativity story being shown in school made it past the secular censors.

But one mom was enraged by her daughter’s role in the nativity.

Did she speak to the teachers? The principal?

No. Like so many other passive-aggressive little social pathogens, she took her private complaint public, and tried to whip up an outrage mob of like-minded morons.

What was this serious affront to their daughter?

A mother blasted her daughter’s school for casting her six-year-old as the ‘Inn Keeper’s Wife’ in the Nativity, claiming it is ‘sexist’.

Writing on British parenting site Mumsnet, the woman told how she was offended by the name of the role because her daughter ‘shouldn’t be identified by her relationship to a man’.

The woman said she was ‘itching’ to take teachers to task over the example of ‘everyday sexism’ and said it needed to be ‘called out’.

Only she DIDN’T try to solve the problem. She tried to SHAME them.

She might want to talk to a specialist about that ‘itching’.

I happen to be married to a drama teacher and I grew up in a church environment. And the problem that has her so worked seems pretty obvious.

There are usually more kids than there are roles to be filled. And nobody wants to be left out. The organizer needs to find roles for the ‘extras’. It’s the same reason there is usually a surplus of children wearing their dad’s bathrobe posing as ‘shepherds’ in these stories.

What do you do with a little girl in a story featuring very few girls in the first place? You get creative in casting your ‘extras’.

But let’s look at her objection. She isn’t as ‘woke’ as she thinks she is.

In fact, she’s showing her own ‘colonialist’ tendencies.

What does 1st Century Bethlehem have to do with Twenty-first century social norms? Who does she think she is to make THEIR story conform to today’s paradigm?

One wrote: ‘You want to change the Nativity? Of course it’s not unreasonable! Why not insist on Mary and Joseph walking instead of travelling by donkey because obviously they were vegan and would never put that burden on a poor animal.’

Another said: ‘It may have escaped your notice but the innkeeper doesn’t have a name either. What do you want her to be called? Susan? Margaret? Bethany? Maybe with stay-at-home mum and part-time stable hand and crib maker written next to it so she’s clearly not defined by being a wife?’

…Another wrote: ‘For the love of f***, don’t be such a donkey. It might be 2019 but the Nativity is a “few” years old now. Maybe you’d like Jesus to be a girl? Maybe they could get Jo to book a few nights in a birthing suite on his phone.
Source: DailyMail

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