The Trumpinator Coffee Mug Will Trigger Liberal Tears

Written by Wes Walker on November 24, 2019

But don’t gloat and show it to them too often, they’ll need to keep some ready for 2020!

It takes hardly anything to set these fools off these days. A simple red hat can make them lose their ever-loving minds.

Bless their heart, they are sooo fragile.

Just wait until you see their reaction when you’re drinking some hot java from this very MAGA mug!

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If you REALLY want to twist the knife, and remind them about #WalkAway and #Blexit, you can always show them the slick black edition with the same artwork.

Click the photo, or go here to get yours today!

They’re sure to just love these, aren’t they?

If they get REALLY worked up, you could always offer to warm them up a cup of milk in a mug of their own … while you talk about the strong prospects of Trump running to 2020 without any serious challenger on the Left.


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