WATCH: Tesla’s New CyberTruck Reveal Had A Big SNAFU … Is It ‘Awesome’ Or Nah?

Written by Wes Walker on November 22, 2019

What do you do once you’ve designed and built an electric car with performance to rival a supercar? If you’re Elon Musk… you reinvent the truck.

What could possibly go wrong, you might ask?

Well, Murphy’s Law could show up to the big reveal event.

They had set up a demo to prove how tough the truck was, but the demo didn’t go as planned.

It started well enough… one of his assistants took a sledgehammer to the rolled steel of the door, and not a scratch was visible.

Then was featuring the strength of the Tesla Armor Glass. He showed a video where a 9mm round was stopped by the window on this truck. Pretty convincing, right?

Then he showed the same glass in a drop test with a large metal bearing. It held up.

Someone in the audience called for him to demonstrate the stopping power of the windows by shooting it live. Musk joked about it being California.

Then he told his assistant to let ‘er rip with the bearing at the windows. That’s when things went sideways for him. (skip ahead to about 7:45 if you want to go straight to that part).

Not once, but twice. That’s rough.

Pretty cool under pressure, though. He handled the embarrassment pretty well.

They go through all the usual truck stats, cargo, towing capacity. Then they run the real-world comparative test videos.

They ran a ‘tug of war’ video where the CyberTruck dragged an F-150. And another one of it racing a Porsche 911… and winning.

Admittedly, pretty impressive, if this can be duplicated by an impartial 3rd party.

The design is … an acquired taste. Some may love it, others will hate it. But overall, what do you think of the new kid on the block?