Grandpa Gives This Boy The Absolute WORST Christmas Gift Ever (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on December 27, 2019

Seriously, nothing else even comes CLOSE, I don’t care HOW bad yours was. This Christmas gift is the absolute worst.

We understand that there is a generation gap, and that grandparents aren’t up to speed with what the young’uns are into these days.

But at some point, shouldn’t common sense have made him stop to ask if this is REALLY what the kid wanted?

One french dad told grandpa that his son the wanted the video game ‘Minecraft’ for Christmas.

You know… this thing:

Granddad obviously isn’t up to speed with video games.

But how far off-base do you have to be to give your grandkid THIS?

On the other hand, he IS French.

We’re guessing this family wasn’t part of the Resistance movement back in WWII.

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