‘Mr. Integrity’: Shifty Thinks He Would Impeach Obama If He Acted Like Trump … Oh, REALLY?

Written by Wes Walker on December 16, 2019

What, did Schiff SLEEP through Obama’s presidency? Using either the historical impeachment standards OR their goofy new ones, Obama’s got WAY more strikes against him than Trump EVER did!

When talking about impeachment, Schiff tried to play the part of an impartial defender of the Constitution.

Someone who puts country above party (and thus, frames Republicans as doing exactly the opposite).

Here’s how he smeared the Republican as blind partisans and himself as a righteous defender of all that is good and right … on the same network that pressured the firing of an innocent person for ‘leaking’ an embarrassing clip about ABC burying the Jeffrey Epstein story.

So we know just how committed they are to reporting the unvarnished truth over there.

“Why are Republicans placing this president above their oath of office?” Schiff asked Sunday on ABC’s This Week.

“I don’t think any of us have any question that had Barack Obama engaged in the activity … every one of these Republicans would be voting to impeach him,” he continued. “I have to hope to hell if it were Barack Obama, I would vote to impeach him.” —

Is he lying? Of course he is. Here’s how we can know.

The short answer is ‘because his mouth is moving’. After all, he’s got a collection of ‘Pinnochios’ of his own, and the Horowitz report shredded the lies in the Memo Schiff released in response to the now-vindicated Nunes memo.

But let’s get to some specifics.

What are Schiff’s claims? That Trump abused his power, and that he and his administration have obstructed Congress.

The easiest place to start debunking that claim is, obviously, Eric Holder.

The House has voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress over his failure to turn over documents related to the Fast and Furious scandal, the first time Congress has taken such a dramatic move against a sitting Cabinet official.

The vote was 255-67, with 17 Democrats voting in support of a criminal contempt resolution, which authorizes Republicans leaders to seek criminal charges against Holder. This Democratic support came despite a round of behind-the-scenes lobbying by senior White House and Justice officials – as well as pressure from party leaders – to support Holder. — Politico

Adam Schiff’s name was NOT among the 17 members that voted FOR a Criminal Contempt against Eric Holder. There goes any claim that he takes ‘Contempt of Congress’ as a serious offense. Worth noting is the fact that, as a direct result of ‘Fast and Furious’ gun-walking scandal, an American law enforcement official was killed.

But what else might Obama have been challenged on?

How about going to war without Congressional approval?

President Obama is again asserting his right to act unilaterally and without congressional approval in going to war. In what has become a mantra for this Administration, Obama reportedly told members of Congress that he does not need congressional approval to unleash a comprehensive military campaign against the Islamic State. The President informed a few members at a dinner — a striking image of how low congressional authority has become in our tripartite system of government. — jonathan Turley

What about the use of Executive Privilege? This is what is being cited as evidence of Trump’s ‘Contempt of Congress’.

Obama cloaked the Fast And Furious scandal in Executive Privilege to put it beyond the reach of Congress. That is PRECISELY the sort of ‘abuse of authority’ that Schiff claims he would have voted impeachment on.

What else might we wonder about? We could look at Obama’s (mis)treatment of journalists, weaponizing the IRS against a political enemy (the Tea Party) to influence the outcome of the 2012 election. Obama’s sketchy hot mic moment with Russia. Brennan’s efforts to spy on the Senate:

“The facts will come out,” Brennan told NBC News in March after Senator Dianne Feinstein issued a blistering condemnation of the CIA on the Senate floor, accusing his agency of hacking into the computers used by her intelligence committee’s staffers. “Let me assure you the CIA was in no way spying on [the committee] or the Senate,” he said.

After the CIA inspector general’s report completely contradicted Brennan’s statements, it now appears Brennan was forced to privately apologize to intelligence committee chairs in a “tense” meeting earlier this week. Other Senators on Thursday pushed for Brennan to publicly apologize and called for an independent investigation.  — Source: Guardian

And what do all these things have in common?

Schiff had nothing to say about any of them.

He’s a partisan hack… nothing more. And for him to accuse others of that same fault is beyond laughable. Now it’s just sad.