United Nations Women’s Rights Account Tweets That Motherhood Is A ‘Penalty’

Written by K. Walker on December 27, 2019

The arm of the United Nations is supposed to focus on gender equity and women’s rights but is calling motherhood a disadvantage to women.

The UN Women Twitter account with 1.7 million followers tweeted out an image that depicted Motherhood as a penalty. The image was of a ticket that was issued by “Officer P. Atriarchy” and the violation was “Being a mother.” It then lists a series of “Penalties” for being a mother, including “more unpaid care and domestic work; irregular work; reduced employment; limited maternity benefits; gender-based occupational segregation; gender pay gaps; and higher rates of poverty in older age.”

This was tweeted out on Christmas Day when over 2 billion Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus and honor his mother, Mary.

Great timing, UN Women!

As for the claims in the tweet, there are a variety of reasons for these — some of which vary depending on which country in which one resides. Yes, women do indeed do more domestic work and care for their children, some of that is by necessity. For instance, breastfeeding mother is literally making food for her child and it makes sense for her to stay and provide care. Given the choice, many women would choose to stay and care for their children at least while they are young. As for higher rates of poverty in older age, well, that might have something to do with the increased life expectancy of women.

As for the bender-based occupational segregation, are they suggesting that women take on more dangerous jobs that are male-dominated? That might deal with the increased poverty in older age as well…

The UN Women’s account doesn’t take into account women’s preferences and instead is spouting feminist talking points.

This is why we keep having a discussion about the mythical “gender pay gap.”

Jordan Peterson debunked it several times — once thoroughly with Joe Rogan, and memorably with Cathy Newman.

But no one can succinctly dismantle the myth like my hero, Christina Hoff Sommers.

When it all comes down to it, there are benefits to being a mother that are incalculable that the UN Women account doesn’t mention — and some of them aren’t clearly articulable. There is love, joy, humility, and so many other things involved in raising children. Many women will gladly pay that “penalty” to have their children, and consider it a very small price indeed.



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