Dave Rubin’s New Year’s Day Twitter Thread Predicts ‘The Implosion Of Intersectional Socialists’ In 2020

Written by K. Walker on January 1, 2020

Heads up, AOC — it looks like 2020 isn’t gonna be a great year for “The Squad.”

It seems like socialism is on the rise and intersectional politics has become mainstream — but some people are pushing back against both of those.

Popular podcast host and member of the “Intellectual Dark Web” who claims that the left left him has had a pretty good record on making New Year predictions for the past few years. He said that 2017 would be the year of “Fake Outrage,” 2018 would be the year of “Unusual Alliances,” and last year would be the year “It Got Weirder” and those have all been quite accurate.

His prediction for 2020 is pretty spectacular — “The Implosion of the Intersectional Socialists.”

He explains that the leftist view of the world is basically embracing a bizarro world view of life in which fake outrage and virtue signaling is lauded.


He continues the thread to further explain that this sort of Intersectional Ponzi scheme can’t sustain itself — eventually, it will crash under its own weight.

But it’s more than just the collapse of the nutty, unsustainable intersectionality of the unhinged leftists with their selective outrage, rush to judgment, and their “cancel culture” — there’s some good news for normal, rational people.

Why is this so amazing? Because it will usher in a revitalized age of Patriotism based on core ideals that are directly from the Founding Fathers.

That’s a beautiful prospect!

From your Tweet to God’s smartphone, Dave!

Rubin then reminded everyone that we’re not there yet, and it will be a fight. Leftists in politics, culture, the Media(D), and Social Media won’t give up without a fight. Twitter now reserves the right to “shadow ban” views that it doesn’t like.

Fortunately, free-thinkers with large, diverse audiences like Dave Rubin and other members of the Intellectual Dark Web are fighting back against this by providing their own platforms.

Let’s just hope that Rubin is right again this year.

Have a great 2020, everyone and Stay Rowdy!

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