David Hogg Claims Nazis And White Supremacists Are Heading To Virginia For Pro-Gun Protest

Written by Wes Walker on January 20, 2020

If there’s an award out there for spouting bad ideas, this guy seems hellbent on winning it.

Look who’s back! It’s Michael Moore’s mini-me. And now he’s claiming the Second Amendment is being used to actively threaten to kill people, including children.

Minus the grease stains and the ball-cap, they’re practically the same guy. If anything the younger version is even more arrogant than his Crisco-sweating double.

And he has thoughts on Virginians standing up against having their rights taken from them. Can you guess what they are?

If you guessed ‘the same old crap as last time’ you’re right!

He is just making it up as he goes.

Thank-you Cousin Vinnie. That’s exactly right.

Hogg begins with an astonishingly stupid statement and it only gets worse from there.

‘The second amendment is being used as a right to ‘oppress’ our first amendment…’

I think he means ‘suppress’. But go on, and regale us with your lofty thoughts.

‘…as children to say that we could be protected, not guns.’

Uh… you might want to ask the people whose lives were in a Texas church when an armed member of the church dropped a psychopath before he could complete his killing spree. The guns are the means by which children (and others) ARE protected, you dummy.

Compare that to Pensacola, where fighting men didn’t stand a chance because the jihadi intent on murdering them was armed, and they were not.

If the ARMED cops at Hogg’s own high school had ENTERED the building and CONFRONTED the murderous psycho, God alone knows how many lives might have been saved that day.

But why confuse the issue with facts, when he’s got an agenda to push, right?

Slippery snake that he is, he is ‘not letting a crisis go to waste’.

He sees a STATE issue, and he is trying to activate his minions to use this to take the fight that Bloomberg’s money set up in Virginia to the NATIONAL stage with a hashtag. Under the bogus pretext that it’s ‘unsafe’ to be present at the gun rally (in reality he’d probably get shouted down by superior numbers, which makes for bad press) he’s going to get his social media drones to film themselves in a social media video with a hashtag, saying they stand with ‘common sense gun laws’.

Sure would be a shame if his social media movement were to backfire on him, wouldn’t it?

He wants the hashtag #IStandWithVirgina to trend with a bunch of videos done by gun-grabbers. Wouldn’t it just grind his gears if that hashtag went in support of — oh, I don’t know — the Constitutional rights of Virginians?

That would be absolutely delicious.

He ends with ‘f**k nazis’.

Who’s going to be the one to tell him that nazis loved gun confiscation?