HOT MIC: Post-Debate Comments Catch Exchange Between Bernie And Pinocchiohantas… Who’s Lying?

Written by Wes Walker on January 17, 2020

Not only did CNN moderators put their thumbs on the scale against Sanders DURING the debate (again), but they published a post-debate ‘confrontation’ between Liz and Bernie.

Team Bernie Sanders is outraged, naturally. Perhaps, after this, Bernie’s Iowa Campaign organizer Kyle Jurek will change which corporation’s News Studio employees he would like to burn alive.

They finally saw firsthand how CNN and the other Media(D) have Candidates like Warren(D) that they support, and will actively run interference to help them. We covered THAT part of the story here:

Naturally, someone on the Interwebs has already turned that into a meme: #CNNisTrash Trends On Twitter As Debate Moderator Picks A Side In Bernie Vs. Warren Feud

But WAIT! There’s more!

Right after the debate, Bernie offered Warren his hand for a handshake. Instead of taking it, she started with an wounded bird routine — conveniently, right beside all those CNN microphones.

“I think you called me a liar on National Television,” she says.

Has it occurred to her that she is doing exactly the same thing to him? If so, irony tends to be lost on Democrats. Especially Democrats with some kind of political gains to be had.

So, what do we have here, exactly? We have Bernie taking the high road, starting to make his case, but thinking better or it and not wanting to hash this out in public. And we have Elizabeth Warren who begins by ignoring an outstretched hand, and accusing him of unfairly attacking a woman on national TV.

Don’t worry, Nancy, there weren’t THAT many people watching it. You are all as dull as dishwater. More people have probably seen this clip than actually watched the debate itself live.

But let’s step back.

Who does Pinocciohontas (full credit to Scott Adams for the nickname, btw) really think she is fooling? She only tells the truth 1/1024 of the time.

What do YOU think? Who do you believe?

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