Joy Villa’s Pro-Trump Grammy Dress Has A Special Message For Democrats Pushing Impeachment…

Written by K. Walker on January 27, 2020

This singer isn’t shy about stating her support for President Trump among the leftists in the music world.

For the past several years, Joy Villa has been using the red carpet as a way to spread her MAGA message. In 2017, she wore a blue “Make America Great Again” dress, in 2018, it was a pro-life message with an image of a baby in the womb, and in 2019, it was a “Build the Wall” dress with a red MAGA purse.

Villa often has her dress hidden and as she is having her photograph taken has a “big reveal” as she tosses off the cloak or coat covering the gown.

This year she arrived in a full-length white coat which she unbuttoned to reveal a red gown with “Trump” written down the front in capital letters and 2020 along the bottom. When she turned, she revealed that the back of her dress had the words “Impeached & Re-Elected.” Villa accessorized with a small black purse with the GOP logo on it.

Her message was clear — they can keep on going with the partisan impeachment, but it isn’t going to make a difference in November.

Villa says that she contacts the White House and Ivanka Trump that she’s planning on a “supportive” message but keeps the details a secret.

‘I just told Ivanka and the White House that I’m going to wear something to be supportive,’ she told ‘I don’t let anyone know the message beforehand.’

Villa told the outlet that she did the stunt in partnership with ViralPAC, an organization that funds conservative artists to support Trump’s re-election in 2020.

Source: Daily Mail

Here is the big reveal:

Villa wasn’t the only one with a pro-Trump message.

Ricky Rebel had a very “cheeky” message when he revealed his red patent leather chaps on the red carpet:

Yes, we all think that the impeachment thing is filled with asses, but we really didn’t need to see that in that way.

Last year, Rebel had a more tasteful (yet equally flashy) look with a “Keep America Great” dinner jacket. 

In a venue where everyone else is pushing their leftist bona fides it’s something to see some pushback by a couple of folks who are walking the same red carpet.

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