New Trump Art: You Tell ’em I’m Coming And America’s Coming With Me!

Written by Wes Walker on January 17, 2020

Part of Trump’s appeal is his take-on-all-comers fighting spirit, a fighting spirit captured in this latest adaption of an epic movie scene.
Tombstone. It’s a great flick about men who won’t run from a fight to save their town when the going gets tough. Sound familiar?
Instead of that defiant cry ‘you tell them I’m coming, and Hell is coming with me’, we’ve got Trump painted into that same scene, with ‘America coming with me’.
And with the gun grabbers in places like Virginia getting bolder about stripping our rights, what more perfect way to get the message across than this one:
It’s available for your wall, naturally, in a variety of sizes and styles for any budget.
If you want something more portable, you can have it on a coffee mug, a notebook, or even a pin. So you can have the fun of triggering snowflakes wherever you happen to go.
There are the classic white coffee mugs:
The slick black version
There are spiral notebooks you could break out at work or school…
And finally, there’s the wearable button.


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