WATCH: Pompous Pelosi’s Impeachment Ceremonies Backfire Badly

Written by Wes Walker on January 16, 2020

Is THIS the mark she was really hoping to leave on history? Was her goal to be a laughingstock?

The day has finally come. Nancy Pelosi finally decided to kick the impeachment fiasco up to the Senate. And just like the rest of this embarrassing display, she managed to turn the ‘solemn’ and ‘prayerful’ process into a clown show.

First, there were special gold-plated commemorative pens with Pelosi’s name on them. (Some have speculated that the real reason she was delaying so long was because her special pens hadn’t arrived yet.)

Then there was the signing process itself, in which Pelosi signed with something like seventeen different pens, so she could give a souvenir and pose for a photo with each recipient. Because nothing says ‘somber’ and ‘respect for the process’ like photos and souvenirs.

There was the choreographed march to give notice to the Senate that they would be delivering articles of impeachment the following day. That got them dragged, too. Everything from observers describing it as a ‘royal wedding without a nice dress’ or the funeral march of the Democratic party to, well, this:

This editor can’t help but feel bad for the chick holding the silver tray while doing an awkward pseudo-solemn penguin walk. So many memes will be born out of this.

(Update: Found another one that we just had to include)

All of that almost seemed sane in comparison to the rambling nonsensical speech she gave us.

Now This, a leftist site put the video up where she goes into her customary bizarre ramblings.

You almost feel sorry for her.


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