WATCH: Ted Cruz Lights Up Reporter For Suggesting His Young Kids Should Be In Prison

Written by Wes Walker on January 28, 2020

Reporters are working so hard to NOT report on the Biden family’s obvious conflicts of interest that they’re making ludicrous accusations to deflect from it.

Isn’t this the same press that cheered for the boycotts on the Trump family’s businesses, who under-reported the death threats against his kids, who amplified bogus allegations against Donald Trump Jr, looked the other way at illegal leaks from Schiff’s circles and threw around the phrase ‘Emoluments Clause’ like a midget in a mosh pit?

But suddenly, conflicts of interest surrounding a politician with a (D) after his name come up and the Media(D) avoid it like radioactive waste.

But the free press ‘speaks truth to power’, don’t you see? They’re just very selective on how they use words like ‘truth’ or ‘power’.

Now that Trump’s defense team took direct aim at any claims that the conflicts of interest between the Biden family, Burisma and Ukraine Oligarchs are ‘debunked’, blowing that theory halfway to Hell, reporters were frantically trying to reclaim the narrative.

Since they could no longer shield Biden, their fallback position was ‘everybody does it’.

One reporter was dumb enough to try that line of argument with Ted Cruz, and Cruz saw it coming a mile away.

The reporter, whoever it was, didn’t stop to consider the fact that Ted’s kids aren’t even teenagers yet.

This is highlight-reel level of journalistic self-owning.

A real reporter might dig a little deeper and wonder which politicians have relatives getting fat wallets out of the nepotistic government connections, and if there are any patterns in their voting records, party affiliations and so forth.

If you want to talk about ‘dark money’ THIS is where it’s really at. Biden himself has been connected to reports of 5 relatives benefiting from his role as Vice President. Kerry and Pelosi had relatives working for Energy companies in Ukraine, too.

If there are swamp critters on the right profiting from high office, go ahead and report on that, too. We’d be glad to get rid of those RINOs. We actually WANT the swamp drained, and want control put back in the hands of We The People, rather than some faceless backroom DC powerbrokers.

If they wonder why we call them fake news, it’s not just because of what they DO report, but just as importantly, it’s what they REFUSE to report on.

They’re entirely partisan and yet, somehow, get upset at Fox News who is up-front about their opinion side being explicitly partisan, but their news coverage more down-the-middle.

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