WATCH: Why Are These Cray-Cray Feminists Singing A Song About Their Naughty Bits?

Written by Wes Walker on January 23, 2020

And dare we ask what, in this context, they mean by there’s a ‘party in my p*ssy’? We’re pretty sure you’re doing it wrong.

This weird ritual is almost as bizarro-world as that time Democrats had themselves an organized ‘scream at the sky’ party over the ‘tragedy’ of Trump being their President.

You’ve got a bunch of women gathered in some kind of a weird Kumbaya circle with some chick (wearing clothes, fortunately) laying down in the center.

Not a particularly DIVERSE group of liberals, is it?

All of them are almost certainly liberal, obviously. Who else would be caught dead in this particular brand of singing exercise?

But oddly enough, they are also mostly — if not entirely — middle-aged white chicks. We have no accounting for why that is.

Is there something about middle-aged white liberal chicks that makes them unusually susceptible to weird rituals like this one?

Or is this just the next phase of the religion-ifying (to invent a word) of our political lives? The political extending into, and subsuming the role of both religion and philosophy in the lives of liberals?

It’s hardly the first time we’ve seen something like this.

Remember that time some women got together to lift their skirts and ‘yell at Trump through their Vaginas‘?

What, did ALL of these chicks flunk out of Health Class? Do they know the difference between their mouth and their ‘ladyparts’?

News flash: the one without teeth can’t actually speak any more than your elbow or your bellybutton.

We’re not exactly talking Rocket Science, here.

Liberal Women Gather To Yell At Trump Via Their Vajayjay – No, This Isn’t Satire

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