ROGER STONE: Scott Adams Enraged Over Obvious Miscarriage Of Justice (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on February 14, 2020

You don’t normally see this guy dropping f-bombs. But he was fired up today.

It all came down to the potential implications of the DOJ being weaponized against private citizens for political purposes.

Scott knows a thing or two about using the powers of persuasion to achieve his goals. Among other things, he is a trained hypnotist.

He understands that, in the right circumstances, one guy who knows how to work a crowd can bend others to his will… especially if there is some reason to accept that person as authoritative. He should know, he experienced it himself during his own jury duty.

For example, the foreman of a jury with a background in law has a natural ability to influence a jury by reason of his knowledge of law that combines his position of authority in the group with his perceived professional authority. Throw a political ax to grind against the defendant into the mix and you have a real potential for a miscarriage of justice.

While Pelosi and company are convinced that Trump and Barr are corrupt and need to be thrown out, Scott Adams was looking elsewhere for malfeasance.

And that was the spark that set off Scott Adams in his rant.

For those who aren’t going to play the whole video, here’s his tweet version.

Cernovich dug up something interesting:

And THIS isn’t at all suspicious, is it?

And Techno Fog — a top-notch source in all things Deep State and Russiagate related, made some interesting observations of the kind that open up perjury questions.

In some circles, at tweet like this might be viewed as ‘evidence of bias’.

Might this seem a little bit ’emotionally invested’ in the verdict?

It keeps getting ‘curiouser and curiouser’.

Of course, the fact that the prosecutors that stepped down are part of the Mueller team should itself raise questions about misuse of political power, especially with some of the Mueller team’s past histories of ethically dubious legal methods.