What A Tool: Bloomberg Poses For Photo, Gets Punked By A Troll

Written by Wes Walker on February 14, 2020

This is a completely unforced error by a man with all the personality of a doorstop.

Michael Bloomberg’s stiffly awkward public appearances make even Mark Zuckerberg look like a rock star by comparison. It’s almost enough to make you wonder where they put the batteries on the old guy.

Money can buy you a media empire, but it can’t buy you a personality.

Judging by this clip, it can’t buy you a lick of sense, either.

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“Say ‘stop and frisk’!” someone said to him…

And like a chump, he did exactly that.

I don’t care HOW many billions of dollars you have, or how important you think that makes you, if you are so clueless that you can get that easily punked by a troll, we don’t really want to see you in high-stakes negotiations with foreign governments.

Too many things can go wrong if you drop the ball or get suckered.


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