Biden Soars Ahead In Democratic Primary — Will Bernie Drop Out Or Keep Fighting?

Written by Wes Walker on March 18, 2020

He’s an old guy with an ax to grind and nothing left to lose — do we really think he’s throwing the towel unless he HAS to?

As predicted, the doddering old leftist who doesn’t know where he is half the time just took a commanding lead in the Primaries over the ornery old leftist who only calls himself a Democrat when he’s running for President.

Biden then addressed Tuesday’s primaries, where he decisively won in Florida and Illinois, with results from Arizona’s primary still incoming as he spoke. A fourth scheduled primary, in Ohio, was abruptly postponed as a coronavirus-related precaution. — FoxNews

But will this plucky old SOB care that his goose is cooked? Is he holding out hope that Biden will have a (metaphorically) fatal misstep between now and the Convention, leaving Breadline Bernie the last man standing? Or is he just trying to nudge the party into completing their slide into full-on neo-Bolshevism? (Or whatever it is we call this latest generation of communists.)

Anyone deluding themselves with the ‘comforting’ notion that ‘at least Biden isn’t a Commie like Sanders’ might want to re-examine their assumptions. This is from his victory speech after Tuesday night’s result:

He claims to share a ‘common vision’ with Bernie on issues of health care, income inequality and environmentalism.

Which means they must (at some level) embrace the same solutions to those issues. This would infer the nationalization of health care, massively confiscatory taxation, and crushing regulations and penalties on the energy industry, like fracking.

To say nothing of his views on immigration, law enforcement, and intersectional politics.

#DropOutBernie is trending right now. But it looks like Bernie has yet to throw in that towel.

Why would Bernie be holding out hope that Biden might flame out and somehow disqualify himself before he Convention?

Well, there’s this…

There’s also the fact that people like Mark Levin are now calling Biden the ’25th Amendment Candidate’… whose choice of a running mate will be of particular importance.