DISGUSTING! Dems Use Coronavirus Scare To Ban Gun Sales

Written by Wes Walker on March 14, 2020

The same people who call Trump a ‘tyrant’ busily erode your Constitutional rights at every chance they get. Here’s yet another example.

What does the Wuhan Coronavirus have to do with your Second Amendment rights?

Most of the time… nothing.

Just like it has nothing to do with throwing a billion dollars toward government-funded abortions.

But the Liberals have their agenda, and they have been dutifully trained to NEVER LET A CRISIS GO TO WASTE.

So, when this viral crisis came along, the Left did what comes naturally. The leveraged it to push causes that wouldn’t get the time of day in ordinary circumstances.

The city of Champaign, Illinois has declared a state of emergency due to the Wuhan coronavirus even though there has not been a single case there or in the surrounding area. According to local news station WAND17, in the executive order that was issued, Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen gave her office “extraordinary power” which extends to banning the sale of firearms and ammunition.

You will note this is an Executive Order and not legislation passed through the usual checks and balances.

Now, some things that fall within an Executive’s Constitutional powers and mandate are entirely justified by such an Executive Order.

Do you suppose this Executive Order is of that sort and kind?

Of course not. It’s a pretty naked power grab.

Once the WHO had declared the disease a pandemic, this Illinois mayor declared the right to invoke emergency powers, effectively Marshal Law.

One part of the ‘orders and regulations’ section stood out in particular and sent up red flags among those who read it:

When the news broke, Champaign City Council offered a reply, claiming they were not up to anything sketchy.

They claimed that there was a very specific and finite list of entirely benign powers that were being conferred upon the Mayor in the event things got bad in their community. Some of the details mentioned in the “clarifying” statement below, don’t actually exist.

Who do you believe?