WATCH: Mayor Bill de Blasio Wants President Trump To Be An Authoritarian

Written by Wes Walker on March 18, 2020

Which is it, people? Is Trump ‘literally the tangerine Hitler’, or is he ‘failing to coordinate necessary political power in this time of crisis’?

Because really, you don’t get to have it both ways.

Back in June 2017, de Blasio slammed the Trump administration for keeping their election promises, in particular, on Health Care.

This is de Blasio whining that the President was working with Congress, not with mayors on issues of Health Care. Implied: how dare he blow off those of us who demand he bend his political will to the whims of his regional opponents on the Left!

And we all know that de Blasio wasn’t above taking the occasional cheap shot at the President.

But NOW, things are different.

There’s a crisis that could be leveraged to amass and centralize even MORE political power into even FEWER political hands. And the President is letting that crisis got to waste!

Now, de Blasio wants the President to become an authoritarian and have the federal government take over control of the supply chain for certain necessary products.

No. We do NOT want the federal government taking over ANY supply chains.

That’s called ‘Nationalizing’ companies and industries. It’s a BadIdea™.

If you are unclear on why that’s a BadIdea™, find any of the many refugees from Venezuela and have them explain it to you.

Mayor de Blasio also wants the military to stop building the wall and be “put on the coronavirus crisis”.

What, precisely, is that going to do?

Are they asking Trump to invoke ‘Marshall Law’ … no wait… ‘Maritial law’… no that’s not it either. Martial law? Yeah, that’s the one. (To ‘get’ that reference, you’d have to look up Rubio’s recent Twitter posts.)

Why in the hell would people who have been telling us for three years that Trump is some kind of an anti-American, Anti-constitutional, Putin-puppet Manchurian candidate want cede MORE political power into the hands of this ‘literal Hitler’?

De Blasio should really check the dates on whatever prescriptions he’s been taking. They might be expired.

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