Cuomo Finally Feeling Heat Over Nursing Home Fatalities

Written by Wes Walker on April 27, 2020

Cuomo really has no excuse to fall back on here.

We all saw what was happening in Italy, how this illness was especially dangerous to the elderly. We all saw what happened with the outbreak in Seattle, how the virus swept through a nursing home like wildfire.

The rhetoric demanding we lock down the country — and nearly, the world — often centered around the elderly among us. Cuomo himself tut-tutted us by saying my mother and your mother are not expendable. That makes Cuomo’s role in this so much more damning.

He knew the risks. And he did what he did ANYWAY. We can all see the results.

His State leads the world in fatalities per million.

It is a simple fact that an enormous percentage of those fatalities were nursing-home related.

One caller into Mark Levin’s show, all the way back on March 26th was sounding the alarm. She had gotten word to the Wall Street Journal, who published an article too. As it turns out, she was running one of those nursing homes, and they sent some Coronavirus carriers into the Nursing Home.

[In a press conference, Cuomo, after not knowing the answer to a question about infections patients being sent to convalesce in nursing homes] turned to Howard Zucker, the state health commissioner, who confirmed the policy, saying “if you are positive, you should be admitted back to a nursing home. The necessary precautions will be taken to protect the other residents there.”

The second part of Zucker’s answer is debatable, the first part is not. The disastrous results speak for themselves.

The state concedes that 3,448 residents of nursing homes or adult-care facilities are known to have died from the coronavirus, or nearly 25 percent of all deaths in New York. More than 2,000 of the total are in the five boroughs, and officials acknowledge that the real numbers are almost certainly higher. — NewYorkPost

This past Friday, Levin replayed the audio of the woman, now known to be a doctor running a nursing home in or near New Rochelle, the origin point of the outbreak. She was frantic.
Both she and Mark Levin — back in March — understood the hellish powderkeg that policy could potentially unleash on the unsuspecting residents of New York nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

Her name was Dr. Elaine Healey, and she told the listeners, in her words, about ‘what is about to happen in New York with respect to nursing homes.’

‘The Governor has ordered that all nursing homes must accept COVID-positive patients that are actually potentially still infectious, into their facilities. And this will put our residents, our long term care population at risk.’

Mark Levin was gobsmacked and literally asked if she was ‘pulling his leg.’ ‘Are you serious? Why would he order this? This doesn’t make any sense.’

‘I’m looking at a directive from Andrew Cuomo and Howard Zucker dated March 25th and it’s ordering nursing homes — it says ‘nursing homes must comply with the expedited receipt of residents from hospitals, they are deemed appropriate to go into nursing homes by the hospitals and we cannot discriminate based on the presence of COVID.’ And that’s it. And that’s how he’s been managing this crisis.’ — Mark Levin Show, April 24/2020 approx 15 min mark.

While some news sources have been running interference to protect Cuomo, pointing fingers at the nursing homes, we’re here to remind our readers that those nursing homes were ill-prepared for the time bomb being dropped on them, and even those who understood the danger and wanted to speak out weren’t given a choice to say ‘no’.

It’s easy to blame ‘for profit nursing homes’ for your problems. But when you really get right down to it, the minute they lost their autonomy and the right to refuse infections patients, they had been commandeered by the State.

Whatever went wrong there, needs to be owned by the STATE, not the nursing home.

And all this happened right around the time that Cuomo openly spoke about blurring the lines between public and private medical care.

How fitting.