BUY AMERICAN: Another 8 Million Chinese-Made N95 Masks Are Rejected As Crap

Written by K. Walker on May 9, 2020

China’s attempt to be the hero after allowing the COVID-19 virus to become a global pandemic isn’t working out so well.

Despite having the World Health Organization, large swaths of the American press, and Big Tech in their corner, one thing just keeps getting in the way–reality.

After their incompetence and lies allowed COVID-19 to spread around the world, hoarding PPE, and using the situation for their own ends, China is trying to make a good name for themselves. Nevermind their atrocious human rights record, censorship, Uyghur concentration camps, treatment of Hong Kong protesters, silencing of dissenters, secret prisons, social credit system to reward the CCP faithful and punish the opposition, and a thriving organ-harvesting market–they just have a different way of doing things.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said at a public event that he has a soft spot for China’s “basic dictatorship” because “it is allowing them to turn their economy on a dime.” 

Trudeau has been on the receiving end of the results of that “basic dictatorship” in the past few months. So have many other places around the globe.

Canada, like everywhere else, is scrambling to get PPE for its medical facilities dealing with a highly-communicable virus.

After sending 16 million tons of PPE to China in February depleting a good chunk of the national stockpile, the Canadian government managed to secure an order for 11 million masks from a Canadian distributor based in Montreal, Quebec. The problem was that the masks were actually made in China and are sub-standard. Out of the 11 million, over 70% were found to be defective and another 10% are still being tested.

The office of Procurement Minister Anita Anand said Friday that of the nearly 11 million masks received from the distributor, about one million met federal standards and another 1.6 million masks are still being tested.

N95 masks used to protect against COVID-19 are so-named because they are supposed to screen out 95 per cent of small particles.

Anand’s office said none of the approximately eight million masks that fell below federal standards were distributed for medical use, though assessment is ongoing for other uses.

Her office declined to name the distributor, citing ongoing discussions about reimbursement or discounts, or both, for the masks in question.

Source: CBC News

China had been cracking down on manufacturers of faulty medical gear but must’ve missed this factory. Chinese businesses jumping on the sudden spike in demand must adhere to the quality standards of the country that they are sending the equipment to. That clearly didn’t happen in this case.

If only someone had said something about relying on other countries to make the things that we need…


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