CLASH QUIZ: Who Had The Best Approval Numbers 1200 Days Into Their Presidency–Obama, Trump, Or Bush 43?

Written by K. Walker on May 17, 2020

Was it “Golden Boy” Barack Obama, Teflon Don that has attempted scandals slide off of him, or Dubya whose presidency was a mixed bag?

The three of them have been handled very differently by the media throughout their presidencies.

One had a fawning media, one had a hostile media, and our current president has a rabid media hellbent on his destruction.

Did it have any effect on public perception?

It likely did, and they know it.

On May 6, Bernard Goldberg, a former CBS journalist and the author of Bias wrote an opinion piece in The Hill that the liberal bias in the media has shifted in the past 20 years.

Liberal journalists, I said, live in a comfortable liberal bubble and don’t even necessarily believe their views are liberal. Instead, they believe they are moderate, mainstream and mainly reasonable views — unlike, of course, conservative views which, to them, are none of those things.

But what I wrote and spoke about then — mainly about how there was no conspiracy to inject bias into news stories — seems no longer to be true today.

Yes, liberal groupthink is still a problem in America’s newsrooms. But now, in the age of Donald Trump, I believe there actually is a conspiracy…

…In the age of Trump, the media no longer try to hide biases; they embrace them. The so-called mainstream media have joined “The Resistance.” And the worst part is that they’re not troubled by it.

Source: The Hill

Despite the aggressively hostile media, President Trump’s approval rating his higher than both Presidents Obama and Bush at the same point in their presidencies. According to a Gallup Poll, President Trump’s approval rating is “tied for the best of his presidency” that they’ve recorded. On day 1209 in office, President Trump’s approval sits at 49%.

In comparison, Obama’s sat at 47% and Bush 43 was at 46% on day 1205.

To be clear, this is a snapshot of the presidential approval ratings.

So, what was happening at that time?

In March 2012, Obama was caught on a hot mic telling then-President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev that he would be “more flexible” with missile defense.

This was a few months before Dan Rather’s CBS 60 Minutes Killian documents “fake news” smear against their favorite punching bag, George W. Bush.

Currently, President Trump has sustained nearly 4 years of wall-to-wall negative coverage.

The Executive Editor of the New York Times held a “crisis townhall” meeting to make sure that their coverage of the Trump administration remains negative after an accidental headline that was flattering to the President.

The fact that President Trump is polling near 50% approval with all the media bias against him is pretty amazing.

Imagine what it would be without a dishonest, biased media.

But, despite their lower approval ratings, both Bush and Obama won reelection, and they weren’t running against a man who is falling apart before our very eyes.

Joe Biden’s approval rating improves the less that he speaks, and he’s forcing all of the MeToo zealots to renounce their original position in order to support him.

And now, he’s caught up as one of the unmaskers.

When Durham’s report comes out, I’m thinking that President Trump’s approval just might spike, and that would be very good news for November.


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