Cops at NJ Gym: ‘Formally, You Are All In Violation Of The Executive Order, On That Note, Have A Good Day’

Written by Wes Walker on May 19, 2020

After so many instances of nightmare over-reach, it’s refreshing to tell a story like this one.

These cops ‘get’ how to strike the balance.

They found themselves, as so many other cops before them during this Wuhan Virus stupidity, in a tricky spot.

On one hand, an Executive order is in force. On the other hand, free citizens are quietly living their lives.

We have seen past instances where citizens get led away in handcuffs over it.

In a case that especially amused us, police once investigated a scarecrow someone set up on a beach with a fishing rod.

But at least some of them seem to be getting the hang of it now.

In direct defiance of an Executive Order, a New Jersy gym opened for business. And they did it on principle.

“We truly believe that if we don’t do this, in the end, we will have zero rights and no say in what happens,” co-owner Frank Trumbetti said in a video posted on the gym’s Facebook page. Trumbetti has said he recently lost a loved one to the coronavirus.

People began gathering outside the Atilis Gym in Bellmawr several hours before it reopened at 8 a.m. Monday.

Around 10:30 a.m. Bellmawr police officers approached the door through the crowd to speak with the gym’s owners. The officers informed them that they were “formally” in violation of the shutdown order.

“We are and only were here for everybody’s safety today. We planned for the worst and hoped for the best, and it seems like that’s what we have out here today,” the officer said to the owners and surrounding crowd. — FoxNews

The police went in, said what they had to say, issued the summons they were required to give so that the gym owner can have his day in court, and then… wished everyone else a good day.

That wasn’t so hard, now, was it?



We told you that the cracks are forming in the dam, now didn’t we? You can now add another reason to THIS list:

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As for the gym owner’s day in court? We suspect that he could make the case that his right to provide for his daily bread is philosophically rooted in the very same Natural Laws and Inalienable Right that provides for his right to self-defense in the Second Amendment.

The burden of proof should be on the government for why the State should have any lawful right to impede his gainful employment, excepting as it violates any laws ordinarily governing the city, state or nation, as we have argued previously: What Does The Second Amendment Have In Common With Back To Work Protests?