LISTEN: Sara Carter & George Papadopoulos Shine Light On Seriously Shady Gov’t Dealings

Written by Wes Walker on May 4, 2020

The same people who railroaded General Flynn did the same with George Papadopoulos. His story is most likely the catalyst turning the Durham investigation into a criminal investigation.

We have invested enormous police powers in the hands of a few trusted civil servants. But what happens when they show themselves unworthy of that trust?

Sara Carter sits down with George and his wife, while they lay out the timeline in some detail. It includes some very damning details you may not yet have heard. Details for which key players in the upper levels of CIA and FBI will need to account, preferably under oath … while wearing an orange jumpsuit.

Here’s an overview of what was covered. Timestamps are approximate.

10:00 — Begin chronology.

10:50 — Introduces the institution he worked at where everything changed. Critical player Mufsud enters the story here.

11:25 — their negative reaction when Papadopoulos joined Trump campaign

11:45 — Joseph Mifsud (the alleged ‘Russian spy’ he supposedly colluded with is connected DIRECTLY to London

12:30 — the supposedly ‘friendly’ offer of help as they send him off to join Trump’s campaign, which includes inviting him to a Conference in a ‘CIA training school’ with officials from Libya, Italian intelligence officials and a former Italian foreign minister who chaperones him in a meeting with Joseph Mifsud.

That’s right. This ‘chance meeting with a hostile foreign agent’ was orchestrated by Western Allies. (As for how ‘foreign’ he is to Western interests, we’ll get back to that shortly.)

13:00 — ‘Activation’ of Joseph Mifsud

14:00 — Simone (now married to George) had known Mifsud for years, and NOT as a ‘foreign agent’.

15:00 — the meeting with Mifsud described

15:43 — ‘Who told these people about me when my name wasn’t even public?’ This was before WaPo published the story about being Trump’s advisor. Someone had eyes on him even then.

16:30 — When G.P. saw that Mifsud was just a useless ‘bozo’ who couldn’t introduce GP to anyone of substance, he was going to cut him loose. Mifsud asked to meet one last time. THIS is when the email conversation came up. ‘It was clear that this person’s entire objective, or whoever his handlers were, were to put me into fake situations — like he did with the ‘neice’ of Putin, this fake girl, and then drop this information on my lap on April 26, 2016.’

Eleven days earlier, the Australian government had wanted to meet with GP.

Why? There was zero interest in the campaign connecting with Australia at this point. He had no contacts with them, and had never been there. But one of their embassy officials wanted to meet with him on April 15th, and arrange a meeting later on, on May 10th, with Alexander Downer.

This date was critical. Because this is the meeting where GP supposedly shared the same ‘secret’ Mifsud just told him about Hillary Emails with Alexander Downer. That was used as at least part of the pretext for the FISA warrants in Crossfire Hurricane.

Without listing the entire conversation, here are some other interesting time stamps of note, for those who would like to give it a listen:

22:00 — Mifsud extremely connected




29:00 Informant College

31:00 How they harassed GP even AFTER guilty plea (and why)

32:29 — ‘Lightbulb moment’ — This is when George realized this was never about catching a Russian spy, it was about being railroaded into playing along with their grand plan

33:8 — He’s in London, why don’t you get M15 to arrest the guy?

40:22 Closing thoughts.

I understand that this is a very sensitive review that Durham is doing, I know that AG Barr has discussed the UK, Australia, Italy, and I know that even the President himself, going back as far as last summer, called out Italy, Ukraine, Australia, and the UK for review by AG Barr. What happened here was the weaponization of the CIA and the US intelligence community in coordination with US allies abroad to commit this treasonous act on our country and the campaign.

I don’t care if these are allies, I don’t care if you are going to hurt feelings, but President, Durham, and Attorney General Barr have to hold those countries accountable. The Australians were essentially lying and mocking the President during a call a couple of years ago that was leaked when they were saying this conversation was so innocent with Alexander Downer and George Papadopoulos — it wasn’t innocent. Ok? That’s why he’s been interviewed by Durham four or five months ago. I’ve always said it was a set-up.

These countries were setting the campaign up because it had a vested interest in a Clinton Presidency. I know what they were talking to me about, I was meeting with the highest levels of the British government and the Australian government at that time, and they were horrified that candidate Trump was pro-Brexit, and was against the TPP which both Australia and the UK had interests in, besides a million different other reasons that they didn’t want an America First President.

We cannot be afraid to hold these countries accountable.

…If we throw this under the rug, it CAN be repeated again.