LMAO: Biden Campaign Photo Op Shows Him Struggle With Using A Cell Phone (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on May 25, 2020

Maybe you could ask for one with a rotary dial, eh, Joe? Or else just tell the switchboard operator who it is you’re trying to reach?

Suddenly that turn on the record player or ‘phonograph’ reference makes a lot more sense. He really IS that far out of touch.

With Biden, nobody really believes he’s been ‘hands on’ [no pun intended] in the campaigning side for God-alone-knows-how-many decades. Even Biden himself has probably forgotten.

So whoever set up this publicity stunt did not do themselves any favors.

Out of touch doesn’t even BEGIN to cut it. For a man who spent eight years ‘one heartbeat away from the Presidency’ (arguably, as ‘assassination insurance’), you’d think he ought to be at lest a little more ‘with it’.

But the man is a shell of the guy he used to be — and even THAT guy wasn’t too terribly impressive.

It almost looks like an SNL skit would, if it were funny, and ever made fun of Democrats. But the video is, sadly, real enough.

It’s not even an Apple or Android that’s giving him so much trouble. Just an ordinary old, no frills flip phone.

As real as Joe himself is, anyway. For whatever that’s worth.