WATCH: Ted Cruz Explains Latest Developments In Gen Flynn’s Showtrial

Written by Wes Walker on May 19, 2020

If you are expecting this to make Constitutional sense, it won’t. But seen through the lens of cynical political power plays? That’s a whole other story.

What do we need to know about the Flynn case?

The FBI recognized the case against Flynn was begun in bad faith, and dropped it accordingly. Until they found out that the #Resistance judge has decided otherwise.

Ted Cruz and Michel Knowles, on their successful Youtube show / Podcast called ‘The Verdict’, break down what’s REALLY going on here.

Spoiler alert — it isn’t pretty.

Why have people been calling this a coup?

There’s an action where an outgoing Executive tells those who swear an oath to uphold the Constitution that they should behave in a manner subversive to the Constitutional authority of the duly elected Executive.

But this judge has put on his little pink Resistance cap, and has decided to blow right through the limits of Constitutional authority and play the roles of both the judge AND the prosecutor.

Despite a recent unanimous SCOTUS ruling written by no less than Ruth Bader Ginsberg herself that judges may not behave as activists looking for wrongs to right, but rather should be the passive instruments of the government judging between adversarial parties.

In this case, there is no disagreement, and no ruling required.