Watch This Crowd Try To Maul Some Cops And Tell Us How It Is ‘A Peaceful Protest’

Written by Wes Walker on May 31, 2020

We already knew that Chicago is, in many ways, a lost cause. Here’s another example.

The police have one job. To serve and protect.

It’s their job to keep the peace. But they’ve been fighting an uphill battle.

Drugs. Crime. Murder.

A dozen or more getting shot on any given weekend. That’s Chicago.

To say nothing of Chicago’s nasty habit of spawning corrupt politics and misanthropic policies like ‘sanctuary cities’.

In many cities, a show of force by police is clearing out the streets, and carting off the s**t disturbers whipping up the crowds.

But in Chicago, police there are getting the short end of the pool cue again… this time they are being knocked around by rioters.

It’s one thing to be dragged on social media. It’s quite another to be dragged through the street by people with evil intent.