With CCP Coronavirus Cases Spiking In Brazil, US Closes Doors To Visitors From Brazil

Written by Wes Walker on May 25, 2020

With Brazil grappling with a wave of outbreak, Trump has put the brakes on anyone from Brazil coming to America.

Before the press freaks out over this as being somehow ‘racist’, let’s not forget that the Brazillian leadership itself understands this as a reasonable and preventative action:

Filipe Martins, who advises Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on international affairs, said the US was treating Brazil as it had other populous countries and suggested the news media were overplaying Mr Trump’s ban.

“By temporarily banning the entry of Brazilians to the US, the American government is following previously established quantitative parameters that naturally reach a country as populous as ours,” Mr Martins tweeted. “There isn’t anything specifically against Brazil. Ignore the hysteria from the press.”

…Meanwhile, the number of cases in Brazil has continued to surge, pushing hospitals in multiple states to the brink of collapse and causing the Amazon city of Manaus to bury people in mass graves. The pace of deaths has been accelerating and, with a peak still approaching, the country has only an interim health minister.

Brazil has more than 360,000 cases of Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, according to health ministry data released on Sunday night, meaning it trails only the US in the Johns Hopkins University tally. Experts consider it a vast undercount due to insufficient testing. The ministry reported more than 22,600 deaths.

The White House said on Sunday it plans to donate 1,000 ventilators to Brazil. —Yahoo

We can’t help but notice that Yahoo goes out of their way to get their anti-American/anti-Trump digs in… but somehow fails to mention that USA is also the world’s third-most populous nation, and the numbers for the other two remain asterisks… India because they probably couldn’t afford to test their citizens even if the tests were available, and China because they’ve already been caught fudging their numbers and could easily be lowballing the numbers by orders of magnitude.