GEORGE FLOYD: The Left’s Latest Hoax Is A Bogus OrangeManBad Trump Quote

Written by Wes Walker on June 7, 2020

It’s often not what they’re quoting that is a problem. It’s the words they’re leaving out.

In the midst of a moment of national crisis, the left — and their media sock puppets — seem hellbent on making Trump the scapegoat of a death he had literally nothing to do with. Even if that means slandering him to do it. But don’t take OUR word for it…

Exhibit One…

Earlier this week, we saw the left coordinate a ‘Trump the tyrant’ attack, portraying him as a cruel jerk who had smashed up some innocent protesters so he could score some propaganda points in a photo op.

It was only after that story had spread, and had been leveraged by his political rivals (including General Mattis) that the truth caught up with us.

Exhibit Two…

Trump has gone on record in several instances, condemning the actions of the 4 cops responsible for Floyd’s death, praising those who have been peacefully demonstrating, and calling for unity while denouncing those who have used these demonstrations as an opportunity for violence and mayhem.

The times he has called for unity have been underreported, ignored, and actively suppressed on social media.

For example, Team Trump put out an inspiring video contrasting his support of protesters and his opposition of the lawless actions being done under the cover of said protests. ‘Joining hands, not hurling fists’.

It was taken down from Twitter.

Twitter’s CEO claimed it was copyright infringement.

If there WAS a copyright complaint, it was almost certainly a pretext, not the reason, it was taken down.

What is the latest hoax? The claim is that Trump used the news of massive and unexpected Job Growth numbers in May as something that would cause George Floyd to look down fondly. But is that what he said?

For those interested, here is a short video breaking down the statements and those who are lying about it.

What else are they lying about with respect to Trump and the political right?

It might be easier to ask what they are NOT lying about.

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