The United Nations Hates America And Loves Antifa… Should We Cut Them Loose?

Written by Wes Walker on June 20, 2020

Can we all finally agree that the UN is a failed experiment in global cooperation?

The problem is not that cooperation between countries is inherently a bad thing. It’s that this particular experiment playing out in real-time exactly what the Framers objected to in a democratic, rather than representative government model. It ends up being nothing more than mob rule.

The UN, and especially their voting structure, is prone to all sorts of corruption and abuses… corruption and abuses we see in their policies, in their agencies (the interaction between WHO and China for the WuFlu as but one example) and a greater commitment to pushing an overarching political agenda than to actually solving real problems. (Just look at the latest list of member nations on their Human Rights Committee and which issues they find worth sanctioning.)

There is no accountability. (Do a search sometime on their scandals, including ‘one-dollar girls‘ and financial kickback schemes including breaking Saddam Hussein’s Oil embargo.)

They have no interest in throwing light on some of the most corrupt regimes in the world. They are usually too busy dogpiling on Israel. But they have taken the occasion of the (now-international) race riots that were triggered by the George Flynn case to shift their attention from Israel to America… in two particular ways.

First, they are siding with the anarchists whose explicit goal is burning down our cities to destabilize the government and push their own political agenda. Then again, should that really surprise us?

Second, they UN has heard the request from George Floyd’s family to investigate America’s racism and police brutality, and they are considering how to proceed.

African countries on Thursday slowed their call for the top human rights body of the United Nations to launch its most intense scrutiny on the hot-button issues of police brutality and systemic racism in the United States, after American officials led back-channel talks to air opposition to anti-West and anti-American ideas, diplomats said.

The Africa Group was reworking a draft resolution but had already cut out language calling on the Human Rights Council to set up a commission of inquiry — its most potent tool of scrutiny — to examine issues like systemic racism and abuse against “Africans and of people of African descent” in the U.S. and beyond, said the diplomats, who were part of the talks.

Once tabled, the text was expected to come up for a vote on Friday or Monday, the council office said. The wording of the text could still change, diplomats cautioned.

…Human rights scholar and activist Anne Bayefsky, director of the Touro Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust and president of Human Rights Voices, told Fox News: “The Council is now engaged in what they do best – cynical political calculations and the search for votes among countries with deeply troubled records. Unfortunately, such maneuvering has little or nothing to do with providing meaningful support to the compelling victims of racism, discrimination and xenophobia.” —FoxNews

Context matters:

Nor is this a new problem in that supposedly ‘August’ body.

So the question we have for our readers is this:

Is it finally time to show the UN the door and repatriate some primo New York real estate?

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