Threats Of Violence Against ‘Diamond District’ On Live TV… Is This Antisemitism?

Written by Wes Walker on June 7, 2020

Sometimes, those ‘man on the street’ interviews net you more than you expected and sometimes lead to a whole new story. This is one such time.

A protester was stopped in New York to answer some questions. The answers he gave Jacqui Heinrich included an explicit threat of violence.

See for yourself. If policy changes don’t meet his demands, he’s said his plan is to go down to the Diamond District and burn it down.

Mark Levin has some thoughts…

While Sharpton is busy riding the coattails of Floyd’s untimely demise, this incident brings his disreputable history back into the conversation.

Cops caught up with him…

Reports are that he’s been arrested…

One tip says this is the same guy:

Are they right? What do our readers think?