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Dear ‘Woke’ Christian: Marxism & Christianity Do Not Mix

By Doug Giles

July 2, 2020 at 9:28 am

Is the Church influencing culture, or is the culture influencing the Church?

Some of America's trendy young megachurches have gone all-in with the BLM movement. And that is just the latest in a long trend of leaning into popular culture; of becoming the thermometer to culture's thermostat.

That is the OPPOSITE of what following Christ's example looks like.

His disciples, down through time, have been called upon to choose their allegiance to Christ and his world even above the instinct to preserve their own lives. But now? Now these guys are hobnobbing with the pretty people, and are afraid to say anything that might scare them away.

You know, those 'little things'. Like talking about repentance from sin.

That's kind of a big deal. Because last we looked, that scored pretty high on the Son of God's list of priorities.

In this podcast, Rich and Doug interview NYT Bestselling author, Jason Mattera, about the capitulation of Christian Mega-Church pastors to the Marxist radical group, BLM. Enjoy.

Catch Jason’s article here

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Warriors & Wildmen · E158: Dear 'Woke' Christian: Marxism & Christianity Do Not Mix

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