Hey Patriots: Watch This If You Feel Like 2020 Has Been About ‘Fundamentally Transforming’ Us

Written by Wes Walker on July 2, 2020

It’s obvious that many of our cultural leaders have grand plans for our little lives, and no interest in asking our permission. But there are some comparisons between recent events and cultic brainwashing practices that will make you look at 2020 in a whole new way.

Some of the folks who will be attending Davos have been talking about something they refer to as ‘The Great Reset’. It’s something Justin Haskins has been reporting on, and (before you dismiss it as a crackpot theory) his article even includes links to original sources including the World Economic Forum. The scope of their goals are massive.

“Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed,” Schwab added. “In short, we need a ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism.”

That article deserves to be read as a whole other issue. We mentioned it here, to give context to the video we are featuring in THIS article.

The ‘Great Reset’, in a fast-and-loose description, is an international attempt to reimagine and reboot (fundamentally transform, you might say) the interaction of countries and economies. Events in 2020 have provided interested parties with a useful mechanism to move closer to those goals.

As interesting as some might find the end-game they have in mind, Michael O’Fallon was more interested in the cultural impact 2020 has had on America, and how closely that resembles the steps a cult would use to indoctrinate (or brainwash) an initiate.

We’ve been put through the wringer in 2020. But have we considered the symbolic and, more importantly, psychological significance of what we’ve gone through?

New initiates in a cult, preparing to receive the new teaching go through a fairly standard process. These psycho-social steps are an important preparation in a ‘sacred drama’ if the new way of thinking and living is to take root. That ‘sacred drama’ has some startling parallels to events we’ve seen playing out in 2020. (This concept is explained from about the 23:30 mark)

1) Purification. A period in which the old ways and patterns of living are renounced, as the initiate prepares to adopt a new way of living. This often involves some kind of asceticism and isolation, and being cut off from your old way of life. (from about 27:34)

2) Purging process. A rejection of those foundational norms your life WAS anchored on, in favor of new foundational norms.

3) Surrender Initiation. A real or symbolic sacrifice made to indicate a submission to the new way of life. Examples he gives include: a token submission of an ounce of blood, bowing down on your knee and confessing your sins, penance. Even masks or veils can play a ritualized role in subduing ego and the old identity before embracing the new one.

Throw in the disjointedness of the Wuhan Coronavirus shutdown and violent political unrest, and you have a recipe for people willing to grab onto anything offering a rescue. Even if that means letting go of what made America strong and good, and fully embracing a dystopian Marxist agenda.

And the capitulation has already begun, hasn’t it?

Marching for BLM or Pride is ‘awesome’, sections of major cities are being taken over by lawless ‘protesters’, but don’t go to Independence Day celebrations on the Fourth of July, and you had BETTER not show up at Church on a Sunday, you grandma-killer!

Painting the slogans of revolutionary Marxist organizations on streets of the Nation’s Capitol and other cities is ‘awesome’, meanwhile masked mobs tear down the symbols of past achievements?

While we all carefully obey rules about masks and social distancing, while we watch companies throughout our communities go under?

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