Liberal TA Who Threatened To Murder And Rape Conservative Chick Gets SMOKED By Rush Limbaugh

Written by Wes Walker on July 10, 2020

Liberals are the ‘great defenders of the oppressed’. Except when they aren’t.

In fact, we can’t help but notice that a great deal of the worst sorts of abuses of other people come at the hand of Leftists.

Racial epithets are a ‘bad thing’ until someone with a lot of melanin in their skin happens to support the political right. Then the left forgets all about their ‘scruples’ and will really unload on that person. ‘Uncle Tom’ is one of the few ‘milder ones’ that is actually printable.

Sexual epithets — especially if they are directed against anyone under the Alphabet Umbrella — are an offense worthy of de-platforming and cancelation. But the New York Times actually ran a cartoon in which Trump and Putin were depicted as having a homosexual tryst. And it doesn’t take much scrolling through any comment section before a Leftist starts making assumptions about someone’s ‘real’ sexuality, or aggressively and violent sexual references.

You might think a College TA’s professionalism would require them to take a higher ground. But you would be wrong.

The missing words are f—ing and c–t. (Not censored, obviously.)

What follows is Rush Limbaugh blasting that TA… as only Rush can.

RUSH: I want to finish this story ’cause we got photos. And, again, it’s out of Houston. There is a media personality there, pro-Trump, named Ashley StClair, and she tweeted a screenshot of a vile threat that she received explaining, “This is why I own guns.”

And, again, the message that she got said this: “I’m gonna find where you live and I promise you I’m going to [f—ing] murder you with my bare hands and rape your corpse after setting it on fire. Stupid [c-word].”

An online investigator was able to uncover the identity of the clod who sent the threat. It’s a liberal college professor teaching assistant. These are the people that never have to go to diversity training, right? Oh, no. They are properly sensitive. Oh, yeah. They understand never offending people. The guy that sent that threatening message is named Jonathan Pullen. He’s a teaching assistant at UT, U-Texas, San Antonio. She posted a picture of this clown as well.

So we have the picture of the guy, and I want to put it up here. This is him. Make the switch over there, Brian. This is the guy, if you’re watching on the Dittocam, this is a teaching assistant at University of Texas San Antonio, Jonathan Pullen, who sent that vile message to Ashley StClair.

Now, I want to show you a picture of the Pajama Boy from the Obamacare sales network. Put that picture up next. Wear pajamas, drink hot chocolate, talk about getting health insurance. This is an Obama-sponsored ad to sell Obamacare to young people in their pajamas. This Pajama Boy guy is gonna forever be a featured player on the Rush Limbaugh program.

Now, go back and forth, show us Jonathan Pullen again. Does this guy not look exactly like — I’ll tell you, I don’t think this guy could get it up to rape anybody, even a burned corpse. (interruption) Well, I’m sorry, he introduced the subject, Dawn. This guy looks like a wimp from the get-go.

These brave little metrosexual type guys sitting out there threatening people and sending all this vile stuff while supposedly occupying the moral high ground of diverse and understanding, they’re not racist, they’re not bigoted, they don’t hate women and so forth. You find out that the biggest reprobates in our society are found on the American left and within the Democrat Party. — RushLimbaugh

Can you imagine of one of these big-talking, effete dandies ever encountered a real man, let alone someone as real and raw as that Rebel from Nazareth?

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