WATCH: Congressman From Oregon Says, ‘Portland Is Not Out Of Control’–Video Proves Him Wrong

Written by Wes Walker on July 23, 2020

Remember the clip of Leslie Neilson saying there was nothing to see here while a building burned behind him? This Oregon congressman is that character, only in real life.

Here is Rep. Earl Blumenauer blasting those of us who dare to say that Portland is in chaos.

Here is ACTUAL chaos documented as it was occurring in Portland.

This next clip is a thing of beauty, showing exactly what an oxygen burglar Rep. Blumenauer really is.

Here’s a split-screen of Rep. Blumenauer on one side and the totally not out of control “peaceful protesters” in Portland on the other.

Let’s hear a little more about these peaceful demonstrations, shall we?

Lasers, bats, explosive fireworks, pipes, bottles and accelerants?

Why this is practically Selma! Who could possibly think of them as anything other than peaceful protesters?