WATCH: Feisty MD Rips ‘Experts’, Makes DEVASTATING Allegation About The Chinese Coronavirus

Written by Wes Walker on July 28, 2020

If what this woman is claiming turns out to be true… we can stick a fork in COVID and get back to living our lives. And it really shouldn’t be that hard to test the authenticity of what she’s saying.

She claims that a drug combination we’ve already been talking about IS effectively the cure for the dangerous aspects of this illness.


We now have a name and a location for where she was speaking, courtesy of the website Heavy.

Medical professionals attended the America’s Frontline Doctors Summit in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. on Monday, July 27. Many doctors took the opportunity to address the media and the U.S. public about the country’s fight against COVID-19 and a few, including Dr. Stella Immanuel, spoke out against the current accepted virus treatment and the need to wear masks.

Video of Immanuel speaking quickly went viral as she talked about her experience treating COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine and her belief in its effectiveness. This position is in contrast to the safety issues raised by the FDA, who cautioned against using hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine to treat COVID-19 patients. The NIH adopted a similar position and halted its clinical trial of the drug, finding that it provided no benefits.

…The America’s Frontline Doctors Summit is taking place on July 27 and 28 and its goal is to dispel the “massive disinformation campaign” about COVID-19 going on in the U.S., according to its website. It was organized by the Tea Party Patriots, who described the event as: “Physicians from around the country address the American people about Covid-19 and the importance of reopening schools and our society.”

Immanuel Shared Her Experience Taking Hydroxychloroquine & Said She Treated Over 350 Patients
According to her Facebook, Dr. Immanuel is based in Houston, Texas, and is a physician at Rehoboth Medical Center in Houston. —Heavy

If we have a name and a location, her claims should be super-simple to either corroborate or contradict. She would have medical files for each and every case.

***End Update***

If she’s got a practice here in America, she could simply invite experts to examine the medical records that would either back up her claim or not.

Of course, optimism like that is the one thing the Democrats do NOT want heading into November… ESPECIALLY if what she claims about this highly-successful treatment checks out.

Because this clip has already been taken down at least once by Twitter, we will include a transcript of what this woman says.

Disclaimer: this clip does not identify the woman who presents herself as an MD. We are addressing this video on its face value. We cannot independently verify her identity or whether she is in fact an MD… or, if she is, the nature and location of her practice.

But if what she alleges IS accurate… everything changes. Including that guilt trip they are trying to foist on the President. If it turns out that he stockpiled a viable drug that all the ‘experts’ demonized because Orange Man Bad, there is going to be Hell to pay.

Here is the Tweet (while it lasts):

And here is the text that accompanies it.

[Begin clip]
I see parents walk in. I see diabetics sick in my office knowing that this is a death sentence. And the can’t breathe. And I hug them and I tell them that it’s going to be ok, you’re gonna live. And we treat them and they live. None has died.

So if some fake science some person sponsored by all this fake pharma companies comes and says oh, we’ve done studies and they’ve found out that it doesn’t work I can tell you categorically it’s fake science. I wanna know who’s sponsoring that study, I wanna know who is behind it.

Because there is no way I can treat 350 patients and counting and nobody is dead, and they all did better. And you’re going to tell me that you treated 20 people, 40 people and — and it didn’t work.

I’m a true testimony, so I came here to Washington DC to tell America nobody needs to get sick. This virus has a cure. It is called Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Zitromax.

I know you people want to talk about a mask, hello. You don’t need mask. There is a cure.

I know they don’t want to open schools. No! You don’t need people to be locked down. There is prevention and there is a cure.

And let me tell you something, all you fake doctors out there that tell me ‘oh yeah I want a double-blinded studies’. I just tell you, stop sounding like a computer — ‘double-blinded’, ‘double-blinded’.

It’s your — I don’t know whether your chips are malfunctioning, but I’m a real doctor. I have radiologists, I have plastic surgeons, I have neurosurgeons like Sangay Gupta saying ‘oh, yeah. It doesn’t work and it causes heart disease.’ Let me ask you Dr. Sanjay Gupta, hear me:

Have you ever seen a COVID patient?

Have you ever treated anyone with Hydroxychloroquine and they died from heart disease?

When you DO, come and talk to me. Because I sit down in my clinic every day and I see the specialist walk in every day scared to death… scared to death.

I see people driving 2, 3 hours to my clinic because some ER doctor is scared of the Texas board, or is scared of something and they will not prescribe medication to these people.

I tell all of you doctors that are sitting down and watching Americans die you are like [exasperated sigh] the ‘good Nazi’, the good one, the good Germans that watched Jews get killed and you did not speak up.

If they come after me, they threaten me, they’ve threatened to — I mean, I’ve gotten all kinds of threats. Or they’re going to report me to the boards. They’re going to, you know what, I don’t care. I’m not going to let Americans die.

If this is the mount, if this is the hill where I get nailed on…
[end clip]

I can’t vouch for her credentials, but she sure sounds like someone who is speaking with the authority of experience and competence. And she references specific incidents and situations, like refusing to prescribe because they fear career-destroying repercussions from the medial, she has the insight to speak critically about the studies that are being cited against her experience, and she has the good sense to differentiate competencies across differing specialties.

Just as you wouldn’t ask an endocrinologist about your inner ear issue, you wouldn’t ask Dr Gupta about COVID. It’s outside the sphere of his experience, or more properly, expertise.

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