Abbott To Activist Mayors — If You Defund Police, We’ll Jackhammer Your Tax Powers

Written by Wes Walker on August 20, 2020

Sometimes, to get a person’s attention, you have to speak in their language.

So, what is the language of liberals? That’s an easy one. Political power.

With liberal activists bowing the knee to demands by activists who literally are hellbent on tearing down the existing system to put up a Marxist dystopia in its place, they think defunding the police is a great political move.

But these political opportunists might want to think twice before making a play that will significantly endanger the wellbeing of the good citizens of major Texan cities. Their counterparts in ‘woke’ blue states like Oregon, Washington, California, or Illinois might have free reign to be stupid and politically reckless, but Texas is NOT a ‘woke’ blue state.

If you go down that road of defunding the police and making their cities less safe, you can expect yourselves to be ‘defunded’ too.

Last week Austin City Council unanimously approved a proposal to cut the police budget by $150 million, about 34 per cent of its current total, and reinvest in other resources.

‘When crime is on the rise, the last thing we should do is defund the police,’ said Greg Abbott, the Republican governor, speaking at the Bob Bolen Safety Complex – the training facility and headquarters for the Fort Worth fire and police departments.

…He added that any city in the state that defunds police departments will have property tax rates frozen at their current level, according to Fox 26 Houston.

Cities that vote to defund police would not be able to increase property taxes under the legislation.

‘Cities that endanger residents by reducing law enforcement should not then be able to turn around and go back and get more property tax dollars,’ said Abbott.

He said that such cities were ‘more focused on political agendas than public safety.’

If a Mayor and city council come together to make a conscious decision NOT to provide the core services of a major city — namely, the preservation of law and order — then their own budget will have to go on a diet, too.

Any big-spending liberal can tell you, in a rare moment of honesty, that government spending IS where political power really flexes its might. When they run out of money, they run short of carrots and sticks to control us with.

And now, Austin’s activist city counsel is getting pressure from both sides.

Predictably, their gutting of the police budget is being criticized as inadequate.

We used to understand on a national level that you don’t negotiate with terrorists. What makes us think it’s any smarter on a domestic level?

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