Black And Brown Students Get Priority Placement For In-Person Instruction When Schools Open–Is That Racist?

Written by Wes Walker on August 11, 2020

Welcome to 2020, where virtual signaling has people so ‘woke’ that they work very hard to be the ‘right’ kind of racist.

Somebody in politics or academia took MLK’s dream into a back alley and choked the life out of it. So much for those high hopes surrounding ‘content of their character’. We’ve now charted a different path forward.

Racism is now a ‘good thing’ — so long as the right people benefit from it.

Some people really are ‘more equal than others’. Wouldn’t Orwell be so proud of this generation?

Hat tip to Sara Carter for bringing this story to national attention.

One school in Illinois was deciding what to do about children returning to school. The Chinavirus, naturally, loomed large over every decision.

There was a lengthy explanation about all the steps that would be taken to minimize risk of spreading infection through the school. Physical distancing. Repurposing of rooms. Class cohorts. All of that mess.

One portion of the document really stood out. [Emphasis is added]

Latarsha Green, Deputy Superintendent, said that one of the District’s task forces considered what the District should do in the event more students applied to take on-site learning than there were available slots. She said the task force and administrators decided to give the following categories of students a priority: “students receiving free or reduced lunch, Black and Brown students, students who received an I [Incomplete] or less than 50% on their report cards, emerging bilinguals, and students with IEPs. There are also other categories in relation to students who are not performing according to reading or math grade-level expectations, and students with no comorbidity factors.”

Dr. Horton said in terms of prioritizing, “we’ll be targeting our dependent learners. Those are students that are marginalized first, as far as how we will serve them.

“We are in a pandemic,” Dr. Horton continued. “And we also know that everyone is affected by this differently. But there was a pandemic before this. That was inequity and racism, and classism and all of these other things. And so I just want to make sure that as we’re making a decision – no decision is going to make everyone happy – we understand that. We’re trying to support every single child to the best of our ability, and we can’t allow a political cash train to take over our decision-making regarding how we return our students to school. We have to make sure that students who’ve been oppressed, that we don’t continue to oppress them and that we give them opportunity.

“I’ve heard for quite some time that this is a community that’s about equity for Black and Brown students, for special education students, for LGBTQ students. We know that this is important work, and we’re going to prioritize that.
Read the full document here.

Oh, OK. We’re now officially applying Marxist ideals of ‘oppressed and oppressor’ to political in-groups and out-groups now. What a surprise.

They’ve instituted a school-administration sanctioned ‘we’ versus ‘they’ dynamic.

What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

School choice can’t come fast enough.